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Before you bring a new employee into your business, a nanny or caregiver into your home, or a new romantic interest into your life, running a background check on these people can spare you enormous difficulties in the future. Our team can perform an investigation that will allow you to decide whether these people are trustworthy, or whether you will be better off not allowing them access to your business or home.

California Live Scan has decades of experience performing background checks, using a team of specially trained investigators, many with substantial law enforcement experience. We take our own advice, too: all of our investigators have passed the most rigorous background checks – assuring you the utmost in professionalism and confidentiality.

We employ the latest techniques and technology to look into a subject’s past, guaranteeing our clients the most thorough report possible. Among the areas of a subject’s life we examine are:

  • Social Security verification
  • Driver’s license
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Workers’ compensation claims history
  • Credit report
  • Civil records: on-site court record research and retrieval; extensive off-site online research
  • Criminal records: on-site court record research and retrieval
  • Bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments
  • Employment verification
  • Employment references
  • Education/academic verification
  • Professional licenses (where applicable)
  • Personal references
  • Military service verification
  • Corporate records search
  • UCC Filings
  • Fictitious business name search
  • Business licensing
  • State Board of Equalization
  • Department of Labor
  • OSHA
  • Federal records: criminal and civil


The fee for background check varies, depending on the subject and the extent of the investigation to be made. Please call 1 (833) 669-7226 for a free consultation and price quote. Or use the convenient email form below.


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