The Live Scan Form and how to fill It out correctly

January 1, 2017

Applicants always ask Live Scan technicians for help when it comes to filling out their Live Scan forms. Live Scan technicians are experienced at what they do – they take fingerprints digitally through advanced scanning devices and transfer the images to the DOJ in a matter of seconds.

They are there to make sure that your fingerprint images are clear, and if not, they will recapture more images until they are satisfied with the results. That is done so that the DOJ does not have trouble viewing or comparing your fingerprint images to their fingerprint criminal database.

If the images are unclear, the applicant will have to get fingerprinted again, so a qualified and a patient technician will help you save time by making sure the images are perfect before submission is complete.

What is the Information needed on a Live Scan Form?

Live scan technicians also known as rollers are professional and friendly. They will try to help you the best way they can, but there is a limit to their knowledge. Here is why they cannot help you with the live scan form no matter how much they want to.

  1. Personal Information – You need to write personal information on a live scan form. That includes your full name, date of birth, address, eye color, weight, height, driver’s license number, etc. That section is easy, but a technician can’t fill this data for you. You’re the only person who can.
  2. Agency Information – Every requesting agency or employer has a unique code: Originating Agency Identification (ORI). The DOJ assigns every agency that requests live scan an ORI code. That code facilitates the process. After checking and comparing fingerprint images to their database, the DOJ sends background check results to that code/ the requesting agency.
    There are many requesting agencies out there and the technician will not know them. Make sure the requesting agency has the code written for you on the form.
  3. Various Live Scan Forms
    In addition to the ORI code on the form, there are actually many forms. And that depends on the job you are applying for or your license. So, a technician might not be aware of the right form that you need. Only the requesting agency has that kind of information.
  4. Types of Background Check
    The DOJ dictates the type of background check your requesting agency asks for whether it is one of the following or more: DOJ, FBI, CACI, firearms eligibility.
    The type of live scan form dictates what types of background checks are requested: DOJ, FBI, CACI, or firearms eligibility.
  • DOJ
    The DOJ (California’s Department of Justice) is responsible for conducting background checks and verifying fingerprint records of only the state of California (police and court records). That includes any arrest or conviction that took place in California. So if you’re asked for a DOJ only, your fingerprint images will be compared to the fingerprint criminal database of California.  compiled from court and police station records in California.
  • FBI
    After verifying your fingerprints the DOJ will transfer images to FBI for further verification. This time fingerprint images are compared to a fingerprint criminal database of all the U.S and not just California.
  • CACI
    If you’re working with children or consider adopting a child, you’ll be asked for Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) background check. Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) is a background check performed to check whether a person has abused or neglected a child in any way.
  • Firearm Eligibility
    Firearm eligibility is normally requested if you’re working as a guard or for a law enforcement agency. That background check ensures that you haven’t done nothing that prohibits you from carrying a weapon.
    The technician will not be aware which background check your requesting agency is authorized to receive and cannot decide which form you need, so the safest way is to ask the requesting agency for the correct live scan form before visiting the live scan location.

What Happens When You Come Prepared?

It expedites the Live Scan process! The technician will take your fingerprints, copy the data and send the images instantly – so no more waiting and no more queues. When you have all the data entered correctly, that ensures it arrives safely to its destination (the DOJ).

You can always check live scan forms listed on our website, but please remember that they are only listed as reference and the best way to know the form that you really need is verifying with your requesting agency.

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