Why Should I Request A Mobile Live Scan?

December 1, 2016

California Live Scan Service is the go to when it comes to background checks for a number of reasons.  One of the reasons is that our office is better than traditional fingerprint background checks is convenience.

California Live Scan will come to you.  If you have 3 or more people in need of Live Scan fingerprinting you can call our office and request a mobile unit to come to your business and the friendly, trained, and certified technicians will come out and do the fingerprinting on site.

Again, proving why Live Scan is the convenient, hassle free way to run fingerprint background checks for your business.

With using mobile Live Scan the quality is the same as it is if you send prospective employees into one of the Live Scan physical locations.  The results are just as fast with mobile Live Scan as well.  The results will be back within 72 hours just like if you are to send them to a Live Scan physical location.

Each Live Scan fingerprint background check takes the same amount of time regardless if you send your prospective employees to one of the numerous Live Scan physical locations or if you have a mobile Live Scan come to you.

Using mobile Live Scan assures that the prospective employees all get their background checks done at the same time and there are no delays waiting for them to fill out their paperwork or setting up their own appointments.  As the employer you can use the time with the prospective employees waiting for their turn to get their Live Scan fingerprinting to get to know them a little better or have them fill our any other pre employment paperwork that you may require as well.

Mobile Live Scan is also great for large group volunteer settings, schools, hospitals, and any situation where you may need a number of Live Scan fingerprint background checks to be done at once.

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